Returns Good Policy

Rev. 8/1/2019

Returns Procedure

Prior authorization is required for the return of any product. Contact MHC Medical Products, LLC. (“MHC”) Customer Service at (877) 358-4342 or and provide the following information with your request:

  • Customer name, MHC Account #, street address, email, fax, and phone #'s
  • Product name, NDC number, quantity to be returned, lot number, and expiration date.
  • Reason for return.

MHC or its affiliate will send the approved return authorization form, along with shipping instructions. Authorized returns must include a copy of the approved authorization form and have the RGA number clearly visible on the outside of the package(s). MHC must receive authorized returned product within thirty (30) days of formal authorization.

Returnable Product

MHC will accept only the following returns for credit subject to all terms and conditions below:

  1. Product shipped in error by MHC or its agents, provided the error is reported to MHC within ten (10) days of delivery.
  2. Product damaged in transit, provided the damage is reported to MHC within ten (10) days of delivery. Product returned as a result of damage in transit must include:
    1. Freight #
    2. Name of Freight Company
    3. Copy of inspection and claim report.
  3. Product with concealed damage discovered upon opening package, provided the concealed damage is reported to MHC within 10 days of discovery.
  4. Recalled and withdrawn Product
  5. Specific units of product about which there is a patient/customer complaint.

All Returns, except for returns due to recall or market withdraw, are subject to
the following terms and conditions:

  1. Product must be purchased directly from MHC, and returned from the original purchaser; MHC reserves the right to request proof of purchase documentation as a condition of approval.
  2. All returned Products must be in full, unopened boxes with the original seal and in original packaging.
  3. Only Product purchased and shipped in the United States and its territories.
  4. MHC reserves the right to request proof of damage, errors in shipment (photos,etc.) as a condition of approval.
  5. Upon receipt of authorized returns, MHC's returns department will take a physical count of the units in any opened containers.
  6. Credit for returns will be issued only to the original purchaser.
  7. Credit will be provided through credit memos only.
  8. Credit will be issued based on the lower of current wholesale acquisition cost, wholesale acquisition cost less special discounts taken, or contract price (if applicable) for each unit of product actually received by MHC. All credits will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.
  9. Freight and all transportation and returns processing fees are paid by the customer.

Recalled Product

Products subject to a recall or market withdraw will be returned in accordance with HDA guidelines for medical devices

Non-Returnable Product

The following products are non-returnable and will be destroyed with no credit given:

  1. Product returned without an authorization form.
  2. Product with less than 12 months' shelf-life remaining at the time of receipt by MHC.
  3. Expired Product
  4. Product invoiced more than 180 days before request for a return.
  5. Product without the original MHC label.
  6. Product not originally purchased by a returning party (without original customer PO number or MHC invoice number.)
  7. Samples, Repackaged products, free or promotional products, products sold on a short-dated (less than 12 months' dating) basis, or any other products sold on a non-returnable basis.
  8. Product that has been deteriorated due to improper storing conditions.
  9. Product damaged due to fire, flood, natural disaster or other events.
  10. Partial or opened packages.
  11. Product shipped or purchased outside the Unites States or US Territories.

MHC Medical Products, LLC reserves the right to change this policy at any time without prior notification. Upon change, New policy will be communicated to all direct customers.

This policy supersedes all previously published policies.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to our customer service team at
877-358-4342 or via email